Arms & Legs/Thighs

Hi all. As I’m doing MUCH better with my face I’m contemplating getting other areas done. I’ve always kind of thought of doing my arms and legs but thought I’d probably do it with laser (until I really read a lot and decided I’d rather not risk it with laser) but have decided electro is the only way to go <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />. I know I’ve read that legs are easier to do than the face, but never read too much about the arms. Just wondering if anyone has any personal experiences with either (hopefully both) that they can share. I am specifically targeting my lower arm and thigh area for the moment (would probably get full leg and arm done eventually) as I have hair on the inside of my thighs that I just cannot shave smooth no matter how many odd directions I come up with. There is ALWAYS stubble and it is HELL in the summer lemme tell ya! It seems to me legs and arms would be a cinch compared to face so I was just curious!
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sav, i’m starting on my legs tomorrow. I am going to start at the bottom and move up from ankle to bikini line. this week i am only doing one hour but next week i’ll probably go to two. i’ll let you know how it goes. i am also going to do my arms but they’ll be the last thing i’ll do. so far on my body i have done underarms, stomach, and breasts and am having ongoing treatments on them.

Awesome timing! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it’s going. As I’m greatly reducing the amount of time spent my my face, I’m trying to decide where to move to next. I’m thinking chest (I have a few strays that bug me A LOT) and then breasts and then I don’t know. So many possibilities! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
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Sav, I had my first treatment on legs today. I started with lower left leg (they say the left side of the body has more hair). I figured I’d start from the bottom and work my way up while touching up the parts of my upper body that HAVE to be maintained (breasts, stomach). So in an hour, she got more than 1/3 of my lower left leg done. I’d say in 2 and a half hours she could finish it, maybe even more like two. I used LMX (which I use everywhere else also) and my electrologist used Flash Thermolysis. It was virtually painless and I couldn’t believe how fast she was moving. This is the first time I could actually WATCH an electrologist work. She did pretty much the entire front of my leg and some of the sides. She said the back of the leg has less hair. I am going again for an hour Tuesday to keep on working on the leg. I’m not really in a rush on the legs right now because I’m more interested in face, breasts, underarms and stomach since I’m invested on those areas. By the way, tonight she also did an hour on my face (30 mins. on each side). The areas she focused on were really just cheeks and sideburns. My face is COVERED with hair, from forehead to neck but most of it is pretty light. When I came home and looked in my X10 magnifying mirror I was AMAZED with how much was done. I couldn’t even see a lot of hair I had to really strain to find any in some areas. Also, my skin looks like nothing happened to it. I am so happy, I have scheduled an hour a week just for these parts of my face, one hour for body, and 30 mins. for chin, upper lip, and brows. At the rate she moves my face will be cleared (or at the level I’m happy with) in no more than a month I think. I can’t say enough about Flash because I noticed the areas I have been having worked in with Blend are looking pretty rough. The Flash areas look good though. Also, since Flash is faster, it equals less time working on the skin so I would think that equals less trauma. Anyways, that’s my take on the whole thing. As far as breasts by the way, I’ve had them cleared once (pretty much, there are still some short blonde hairs that I really can’t even see in some areas) and it was pretty much painless. I used LMX and she used Flash. She spent about 20 mins. I’d say working on them. At the same time she did a few stray chest hairs. They were painless for me also although I know a lot of people say this is the worst area as far as pain. But I always use LMX. Sorry that was so long, but electrolysis is my big project this year so I’m really into it. Good luck, Sav!

What is LMX?

LMX is a topical anesthetic cream that will make the skin numb to reduce the pain of electrolysis. Emla is another one which requires a prescription. With Emla you have to apply a really thick layer and then put plastic over it about 30 mins to an hour before treatment (not exactly sure on the time). Emla doesn’t work for me though. I’m numb for about 5 minutes and then it wears off. LMX 4 and LMX 5 can be bought without a prescription. They work really well for me. The 4 is 4% lidocaine and the 5 is 5%. At the local pharmacy here a smaller tube is about $35-40 and a larger one is about $65-70. That is for the 4, the 5 is about $10 more. The 4 works just fine for me. I don’t find electrolysis really painful except for in the underarm area but now I use LMX on any area getting treated. If I put it on my face, I rub it in about 45 mins before a treatment and then apply a thicker layer to sink in. It works great. On the body I do the same thing but then I cover it with plastic. It keep it from rubbing off on your clothes and probably helps it sink in.

I wonder if you couldn’t just inject lidocaine, especially in the pits? Underarms are such a sensitive area, that’s why I want them nice an smooth and hair free… Wow is that stuff expensive, I’ve never seen it. I wish I’d known about it last year when my knee got infected after a rollerblade crash, and they had to scrape it out! I think after that , electrolysis won’t be too big a deal.

You can have lidocaine injections but not everywhere. Some places like Electrology 2000 have people on hand to do it (I think nurses or something). The LMX isn’t a complete number. Flash Thermolysis isn’t that painful for me anyways and with the LMX it’s almost totally comfortable. However, I put it all over my underarms because they REALLY hurt for me. I suppose the LMX must help some but it is still VERY painful. I will sweat and shake a little bit the whole time. I imagine without the LMX it might be unbearable for me. I have one big tube that I could probably get about 6-8 underarm sessions out of. Even though it’s expensive you can make it last.

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I just wanted to thank you for the update on your legs as I really appreciate it. I hope you’ll keep the info coming! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Good luck!!!

Hey no problem, glad you find it useful. I think I will lay off on my legs for a little while though because I’m invested in my face, underarms, breasts, and stomach. So what I will probably do is just do my legs now and then when I have time. I figured next year I should be farther along with my face etc. that I can then focus on lower body completely. One other thing, my electrologist said I have a little less hair than most women on my legs so if it appears that she is going soooo fast that might be part of the reason. I was in the Army and the combat boots cut off a little circulation in the legs and make you grow less hair there over the years.