arm hair removal

Hi- I am in the process of getting electrolysis on my arms. I shaved before the first time and was cleared with 5 hours of work. After that, the hairs grew back almost the same as before- perhaps less dense. These, I assume were hairs in a different cycle. I recently had the second clearing and I notice that now also, hairs are growing back.
My question is- about how many clearings should I anticipate? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> Fiv, six, twenty?!! I am eager to finish because electrolysis on arms also means unsightly scabs for a week followed by unsightly little marks for two weeks.

Anyone who can help would be greatly appreciated!

How many clearances depends on how aggressive you are about having it done.

If you want to get all the hairs as they come in, you would be cleared once every 3 to 6 weeks over at least 9 months.

If you had taken a before picture, you would see that the number of hairs HAS, in fact, decreased already, but you will probably not notice the difference until after this next clearance.

Of course, to truely see what you did in electrolysis, you have to look at the hair a year later in the same area, the same week as you had the treatment.

hmmm . . . right now, I am going 5 hours a week, which basically allows for a clearance a week. Is this an ideal schedule? Would it be better to schedule the apts. further apart? If I keep to my current schedule, will the desired results (arms without a dark shadow . . .) come sooner?
Many questions!
Thank you,

Regarding the marks left from your treatment, you might want to consider some after care. Tea Tree Oil is terrific. Aloe is another product that would help the healing process. Apply once a day following treatment. Rub in well. I cleared my left arm and it makes an incredible before and after example to show my clients. Had very few makes after each treatment. You may want to ask if your electrologist could adjust the treatment level to avoid the scabs. By all means, please do not pick any of the scabs. Scars may result.

how many clearances did you have before your arm was cleared?