Arm Hair Removal (Male)

I am looking to reduce or completely remove my arm hair. I would be happy with light hair on my arm but I also wouldn’t mind conpletel removal. Would my arms be a good candidate for laser? I heard that arms are prone to laser induced hair and that is something that worries me. I would be willing to do electrolysis but if my arms are a good candidate for laser, I’d prefer to go that route and maybe finish them up with some electrolysis. I’ve attached pictures.

Specifically on your shoulders. (Do you also have back hair … or just the shoulders?) If you are doing shoulders to the deltoids (and mid back) you are looking at about 10 hours max (with electrolysis): that’s permanent. If someone is charging, say $80 per hour, then both upper arms shoulders and mid back would be around $800 … you don’t have much hair. I would do the arms.

I don’t have much back hair if at all. just shoulders and the back of my neck. I should do the arms with laser and the shoulders with electrolysis or both with electrolysis?

I’m not the right guy to ask about laser. I have never performed laser and the only clients I see are those that had “failed laser.” So, my opinions would be, necessarily, one-sided AND not correct.

I only know what a proficient electrologist could deliver … but, if you go with electrolysis, get the therapist to give you REAL answers and specific outcomes.

With whatever modality you decide … take lots of “before” photos. Get the person to give you some reasonable idea of the time and MONEY you are going to spend on the project. AND THEN, if they don’t deliver … what then? Do you spend 2X 3X 4X the money … or, do you get your money BACK!

I prefer real answers … an attempt to give you “final results,” and I especially like the “I get my money back if it fails.”

Instead of thinking about this as some sort of “mythical experience” think about this like getting a paint-job on your car … shop around and get the best estimates and the best “painter.” Go rational … not “emotional.”