arm hair problem

hey recently my arm hair has really gotten on my last nerve… im a male and my arms have gone through everything… not to long ago all my hairs were burnt off by accident nothing serious but now ever since the hairs just are still stubby and gettin longer, i can practically see some people look at my arms strangly… im thinking of just like 1 time waxing my arms or using something like Veet, any feedback would greatly be appreciated

Waxing can be a good option because you can get a feel for how it looks - and see if it will help. It also clears up any dead skin cells.

It also isn’t permanent like laser - and it’s relatively inexpensive.

thanks i think im going to just get that done… im sure a lot of people who are new to hair removing are kind of shy especially for somone whos just a shy person but unlike most people being hairy makes me feel different like i got something better lol, but where would i go to get waxxed ? i still live with my mom and relatively young so i might just ask my mom as embarrasing as it is

oh yea im pretty sure my arm hair is gonna grow back a little darker since im still growing ( i heard mens hair even grows through there twenties) but i guess its alright im sure itll tan up in the sun … my arm hairs are still light colored

where in CT are you? there is no shortage of really good reasonable electrologists in the area who would be more than happy to help you tackle your arms.

i live in bridgeport ct.