ARGH! Hair on my cheeks...

I’m a male, and for some odd reason, I’m hairier than most others. By this, I mean that I have some hair in unwanted places. Like on my CHEEKS. Like, not lower cheek, because that’s normal. But, upper cheek. Not like patches or anything. Just strands coming out.

Is Electrolysis the way to go for this?


Hi James,

I’ve recently started having Electrolysis on my cheeks. If you don’t want to shave up to your eyeballs then I think that is your answer. Its not that painful and if you commit yourself to getting it cleared - it’ll work! Well I certainly am putting all my trust in it. I’m really pleased with the results so far!

I have had three treatments for this area and am so far pleased with the results. I think that this is a common area of growth for males. I not only have beard hair up there, but I have those tiny white hairs that now stand out more since I’ve started electrolysis. I guess I can live with some of those, though!

thanks, both of you.

I just wanted to know if it was safe.

EDIT : Oh, and by the way, I know this isn’t the shaving forum, but I just wondered to know, if I start shaving that area, would my skin be affected?

I’m not sure what effect you might be speaking of. The information I have read on this site indicates that shaving does not cause hair to grow. So if that is what you mean, then no, I don’t think you can make it worse. But, I should caution, I am not an expert! My electrologist actually told me to shave higher up on my cheeks because she wanted to see which hairs were in the active phase. I wouldn’t recommend shaving for a couple of days after treatment, however.

God bless!