Areolas - red spots remain 3 weeks post-treatment


Almost 3 weeks ago (19 days) I had my first consultation for electrolysis around my areolas. The electrologist removed 3 coarse dark hairs as a test. They seemed to be old hairs (white bulbs) and she zapped them twice each. They slid out; I did not feel any tugging. Immediately afterward white bumps formed (no redness) but they subsided within hours. About a day later there was a red spot (1-2mm) where each hair had been removed. The spots are still here! They are not scabs. Also, I think i can see an ingrown hair in one below the skin’s surface.
Is it abnormal that I am taking this long to heal? (I’m wondering if the energy level or needle size was not appropriate, or if her technique is not good.) After the treatment she had applied a cream but i haven’t used anything since. Any advice is appreciated!

They could be “inner scabs” which to the naked eye don’t appear to be scabs…

Inner scabs are the scabs that line the hair follicle. If she had to “zap” these very coarse hairs twice to get them to epilate, then it could be possible that you still see some spots. They should disappear - slowly fading away…

Body work skin manifestations are to be expected. Do not worry about this, the spots will fade nicely with time. Tissue that grows hair needs to be affected and the skin doesn’t much like being disturbed. The inflammation process is as much in play with electrolysis as it is with laser skin resurfacing, spider and bug bites, poison ivy, etc. Accept this calmly and wait for the healing process to go through it’s natural repair stages. In the end, you will have clear skin with NO COARSE HAIR! YEAH!

Barbara and Dee, thank you so much for your prompt and informative responses!
I was worried that there was something wrong with the treatment, but I think you are right and the spots will disappear, albeit slowly.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

You are very welcome!

Are you using aftercare? Apply tea tree oil at night and witch hazel during the day.

I haven’t been using any aftercare (the electrologist had told me I didn’t need to) but I will try to get some tea tree oil and witch hazel. Thank you LAgirl.

That could be helpful, for sure, but the act of clothing rubbing against the skin can add to the healing time anyway.