Are You Getting Fair Pricing???????????????????

I am moving my topic from Kitty’s to here because their are some nasty people over there that seem to have something against electrolysis.

Just this past week I bought a great little ultrasonic cleaner from Harbor Freight, a discount tool supplier. They sell very little of anything other than tools but have a few odd items. I was pretty happy about it because it was on sale for $26 usually I think it’s around $30 something.

Well, I was looking through my Prestige Electrolysis Supply catalog and saw a very familiar little ultrasonic cleaner they called “Cody”. They said that it is a Prestige exclusive item. They also claim that they care about their customers and give deep discounted prices for them. They sell discounted electrolysis supply.

I knew that my ultrasonic cleaner was manufactured by Chicago Electric and they are calling theirs “Cody”. I took a look at mine and found that it is imported by Chicago Electric from China and it too has the name “Cody” on it.

Well I’ll be darned. Lets see how bad I got ripped off. Oh My God! Prestige, my discounter, is selling it for $50 something. I can’t believe they are pulling the wool over all of their customers eyes. I thought they were giving all of us a good, fair price on the products they sell.

Harbor Freight has their markup on the product to make some money even at $26.00. Do you guys think that it is necessary for Prestige to rip their customers off that bad? Do they have to be marking it up soooo high thinking that no one would find out? Couldn’t they be honest and just let people know that they are giving no deals to any valued customer.

Well, If you don’t have a Harbor Freight retail store in your area you can look them up on the web.

I would love to hear from others some good finds they have had that will bypass Prestige until they get a little more serious and decide that they value their customers too much to rip them off and that they will start to price their products fairly.

Good electrolysis stand? Good table? Different source for needles? Good place to get pre or post products? Any good deals?

If they don’t figure this out quick, they will come to the realization that there is always someone standing right behind you that is more than willing to take your place.

Ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention please! The one and only dealbuster is about to put another smackdown on Prestige and I have also found Texas Electrolysis Supply to be ripping people off just as bad.

While moseying around my favorite tool store, I happened to stumble upon a great head worn magnifier. Wow! It’s on sale for 2.97, I can’t believe it so I bought it right away. I also picked up one of those other magnifiers that you clamp to a table and pull it to where you want it. It has a 60 watt light built in. The price of this magnifier was on sale for 6.97 and it’s a 3 diopter or whatever they call it.

Well, I was sure I haven’t seen either of these items in my precision catalog but checked to make sure. Good god all mighty, there is my head worn magnifier! It is exactly the same and instead of paying a fair 2.97 they are raping people at 30.00! It’s the one that has the really high magnification at 4 something “necessary for ingrown hairs”. Sure, take a look for yourself. It is the one that has the flat lenses in front and a little swing down circular magnifier that is on it.

I didn’t see the exact pull around magnifier with the light but the ones that were comprable were around 60 to 70 dollars. Mine was 6.97!

Ladies and gentlemen, the dealbuster has smacked Precesion and Texas in the ass again. I just might keep smacking until they charge their “valued customers” a fair price. I understand that they are in business to make money but this is a little rediculuse. Harbor Freight is making money selling these same products and they don’t have to put a 5,000% markup. Come on now, Not even the porn industry knows markups like Precision and Texas’s.

Next time you call in your order, to either Precision or Texas, tell them that you have been authorized by Poonanii with the “dealbusters” to give a fair 70% discount. This will bring their prices a little high but more reasonable. I don’t have any problems with a company making money but I expect to be treated with respect and truly valued as a customer. Do you see Walmart poking you in the ass when you aren’t looking? No! You can pretty much count on a fair price. I expect to pay a little more since it is a nitch market and the 70% discount that I am authorizing you all will bring it down to “paying a little more.”

I love you all, Bye for now!

Here is a link to “cody” in China. They have renamed it something else and now have a ultrasonic contact lens cleaner named cody. You will see the exact same product here that is in Prestige, Texas, and Harbor Freight.

Beijing Edivse Commerce & Trade Corporation

I am not advising to get it from there because as we all know that this would be a major pain in the ass. Just showing you where they are getting it from.


Has anyone ever purchased lidocaine hydrocloride from this distributor? Are they reputable?

Lidocaine HCL


Are you referring to PRESTIGE electrolysis??? I’m not aware of a PRECISION electrolysis supply dealer. Is Precision a new company?

By the way, Andrea has included a spellcheck with this sight…!

Here are some Pics of What I am talking about.

Cody 29.99

Powerful 179.99

Ultrasonic cleaning powder 4.99 - Just use dishwasher soap. It is the same thing!

More from Poonanii the Dealbuster! Call Prestige or Texas today and get the 70% discount that I am offering to you.
Just say give me a 70% discount because Poo said so!

Magnifier up to 4.8 magnification 5.99


4.99 Interesting, I may try this out.


Bend over and let me take a look! 299.00


More, More, More


11.99 Just replace the bulb with one of those fluorescent bulbs for less heat. 3 diopter


29.99 Already has a fluorescent circular bulb


Yes, Prestige is it. Sorry about that. Also, I am terribly sorry that I am burning your eyes with improper spelling. It’s funny how some people will just read over it and to others it is extremely bothersome.

Okay, I see you changed your previous posts from ‘Precision’ to ‘Prestige’. Are you trying to sell something by pointing all this out to us?


I assumed you’d be defensive about the spelling part. People always react that way. I couldn’t help but notice that you spelled A-S-S correctly. Very good!

One note on the magnifier lights. You can not directly compare what you have listed and what Electrologists use. As noted in one of my previous posts, a drafting magnifier light set up is NOT the same, and can not stand up to the amount of handling and moving around that an electrolysis rig is made for. One would be buying a new one every 30 to 90 days if one was doing any amount of real work. When drafters set up these lights, they become basically stationary, and don’t need to do anything more than support their own weight. An electrology rig must be able to stand up to being pushed and pulled every minute or five and put in the craziest positions to focus.

May I also say that the instrument cleaner used for stainless steel items in an ultrasonic cleaner should have more enzymes and less bubbling agents than dish soap. The other stuff, I agree. After all, did you see what Prestige charges for Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, and Witch Hazel? I guess if you are dumb enough to order those mail order instead of buying them at your local dollar store, or supermarket, you deserve to get taken, but that is quite a mark up on what I can buy for 50 cents around the corner and have it in my office in less than a hour.

But Don’t get me started on how Prestige shows how much they value their customers! I long ago stopped trying to buy over the phone or electronically with them. Every time I buy something from them that requires them to send it to me, I get taken. I then figured I could do anything that was cash and carry at the conventions, but that too got messed up. One year, they were selling embroidered office wear, and I ordered a MAN’S embroidered shirt and Lab Coat. I asked them several times if they could, or could not get me items of the appropriate sex. You know what happened when I got my box in the mail don’t you? I got women’s wear and a few porky telephone exchanges on how they would not make a refund, or accept a return on personalized items since they could not expect to resell them. (What if I offer to autograph the returned items? <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />) They even argued that I had in fact ordered just what I got, when I had no female in my office who could have worn what they sent me. They still have not made good.

I stopped buying from them at all after that, but one day, I was at a convention and they were the only one’s who had sectional probe holders, so I bought some. I thought, “I am right here, after all, what can go wrong?” Well, they did not have as many as I wanted, and had to send me the last two in the mail… When I opened my box, I had one of what I ordered, and some other thing I still don’t have a clue what the hell it is. My phone call to complain was greated with the same “friendly acknowledgement of error”. That is to say, they once again told me that I got exactly what I ordered and they would make no exchanges. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif" alt="" />

Now how could I have made the mistake of ordering clothing inappropriate for my gender (although many of my clients are, I am NOT transsexual – not that there is anything wrong with that <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />) and how could I order something that I can’t use, and don’t even know what it is used for? They just goofed up on the item numbers and won’t take the loss on THEIR mistakes.

For the record, I have never found anything that Prestige had that Texas did not have the same, or better price on (frequently better). Things like probes will cost you the same no matter where you buy them, but other items have more flexibility in pricing. On that I have always found Texas to be a better bargain. I have also never had a problem with their customer service. The one time they sent me the wrong thing, they just reshipped the right thing, with no argument at all.

I can’t even count how many times I have had to call Prestige and tell them they sent the wrong probes or that something was omitted from my order. Items have arrived damaged, too. To beat all, I even received a dry heat sterilizer that had obviously been used and returned, and then resold — to me.

I deal more with Texas Electrolyis supply now if there is something I can’t get locally. I get my probes from whoever is having a sale. I accidently ordered two “Blend” videos and I couldn’t return the one that was unused. Even though I have spent a small fortune with them over the years, I could not return it because I contacted them after the 30 days time period. So, I will take the blame on that one, but I thought they would be a little more flexible for a faithful customer. Lastly, to be fair, I did purchase my last epilator from Prestige at a great, great price and they did send me the proper item the first time.

Price comparisons you raise are interesting, Poo. Do you think you will contact Prestige and Texas and ask them why the difference in prices on like items? The lamps are junk (personally speaking) if you are using them for electrolysis no matter where you buy them.

I changed the spelling because it was bothering you sooo much. Don’t get your panties in a bundle now, no one is trying to sell anything to you. Harbor Freight is a very large company and if I owned it I wouldn’t be talking to you. I would probably be on an island somewhere sipping on a Corona and getting fanned by two cuties.

By the way, how would changing the spelling to correct it have anything to do with selling you something>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I was trying to see things from your point of view but I couldn’t get my head that far up my ass. OHHHH My God! I spelled ass correctly again. What a revelation.

Hmmmm. Sounds like someone else’s panties are in a bundle.

So I am not special. Prestige sucks for customer service, and order correctness.

Hi poonanii:

Thanks for sharing your findings. I think you will find this forum much better than Kitty’s.

Please refrain from getting into squabbles with people, If someone says something you don’t like, try to take the higher ground and not resort to name-calling and insults. I have asked the same thing of others in this thread previously.

Again, I appreciate the information you are sharing and welcome you to HairTell!

Thanks Andrea, I appreciate that!

James, I can see that Prestige really has given you the runaround. It is funny that they would try to give you the excuse that you got what you ordered with the lab coat. My god, that is one of the dumbest things I have heard. Like you would have accidently thought you were a female on the day you ordered it. It’s much better when a business will just admit they screwed up. At least they can gain a little respect. When they try to pretend it is not their fault they tend to loose all respect with me.

You have a good point with the magnifiers not holding up but please consider my point. Prestige is willing to purchase a product like “Cody” that is the exact same product that Harbor Frieght carries or the head worn magnifier which is also exactly the same. This tells me that they carry the same quality of products. This doesn’t tell me that Prestige is carrying higher quality products. This doesn’t tell me that Prestige is buying higher quality magnifiers. It tells me that they are willing to buy anything that a tool supplier is.

As far as the dish soap goes, take a look at the latest consumer reports, or maybe it was last months. To make sure we are on the same page, I am talking about dishwasher soap in powdered form. There is a great article in it that discusses the newest detergents and how much more effective they are today. They mention that now, the better brands are packed full of enzymes. Enzymes are incredible at dissolving food from a plate or glass. Now, as they say, don’t expect to see it listed on the box because they have found that enzymes have a negative connotation to the consumer. They just don’t like the thought that their plates are covered with enzymes. Americans spend lots of time trying to kill enzymes and microbes with antibacterial products. As we all know, it is absolutely necessary for many forms of bacteria to live on your body. Many of them product antimicrobial peptides that are more effective than any product you can buy at killing the harmful microbes.

Dishwasher soap is also created to have much less bubbling action due to the all of the spraying and splashing that goes on during washing. If it was made like dish soap used to manually clean your plates you would have a dishwasher overflowing with bubbles like your washing machine will when you add 4 or 5 times more soap that suggested.

Dishwasher soap in the powdered form is the exact same thing. I am a marketing consultant by trade for a few of the largest companies in the United States. I am behind the scenes quite frequently and I’m sure it would amaze many of you as it does me, how products are used interchangeably, with completely different price points and brand connotations.

By the way, for any of you that don’t get the magazine, the CR best bet was Walmarts Great Value brand. Get the one that is powdered. Always get powdered because they have found that the gel of all brands is far less effective. They don’t know why but think it is due to the efficacy of the enzymes is somehow problematic due to the gel. Walmarts brand was picked in comparison on how well it works and the cost per wash. The top performer was Cascade in the powdered form.

Ohhh crap, the dealbuster put the beatdown on the ultrasonics detergent manufacturers because they are putting the beatdown on the consumer. Now their challenge is to modify their detergent in some way that will give them a point of differentiation. How do you do this when you are a very small piss ant company that could not spend even close to what Cascade can spend on product research? That is what my job is. I give points of differentiation that will fly with the consumer. Then I develop a marketing campaign with advertising that will ensure their success.


By the way everyone,

On the box of “Cody” or inside in the paperwork, you will see that it says not for medical use. Prestige has stated that it is for medical use. They are treading on very dangerous waters by saying this. They leave themselves open to extreme lawsuits due to cross contamination of hepatitis or aids from an electroligist that reuses needles.

To everyone out there. Do Not Reuse Needles. Buy disposable needles. Don’t try to save a penny. You will crush the entire industry if you give someone a disease. The doctors will be all over it like flies on shit and electrolygists across the country will find themselves paying doctors for supervision. Doctors are desperately trying to take over the Medi Spa industry due to massive amounts of money to be made and electolysis and lasers will go with it.

Electroligists have been split in two due to the laser. The first thing we will have to do is come back together. We can then fight as a united front.