Are these settings high enough for my skin type?

I recently had a test patch done at a laser clinic in Toronto.

[b]I am a skin type V (5), with coarse black hair. Pictures of my skin can be found in this album.[/b]

The laser used was an Nd:YAG, specifically the Apogee Elite.

[b]The settings used…

Spot Size: 15MM

Fluence: 20 joules/cm2

Pulse Width: 40ms

Rep Rate (Not sure what this is?) : 1.5hz [/b]

It has been a little over 2 weeks since the test patch, and have experienced 95% shedding, and no side effects… The 3 week mark will be on Jan.10th.

Should I try more test patches at higher settings to test what my skin can handle, or should I just return to this clinic and get started with the treatments?

Highly appreciate any help, THANKS:)

thoughts anyone? I want to make sure I start my treatments with effective settings right off the bat

Per the manual for the apogee elite:

It’s a bit on the lower side even for a skin type V. The settings aren’t bad, but they’re outside the range for “suggested parameters” (which are guides, not absolutes).

Thanks so much! Any idea what the rep rate means?

And I was also wondering, what determines the “skill” of a practitioner other then the proper machine and settings being used?

It just means how quickly you can be treated (how many times the laser can fire per second). So 1 Hz = 1 fire/second, 2Hz = 2 fire/second, etc.

Normally proper settings is the main thing. There’s also how well they overlap and avoid patchiness (some patchiness may be unavoidable, but as long as most of the hair sheds without streakiness), then that’s the sign of good skill