Are these settings correct? - Elite MPX and ND:YAG

Had a test patch done today via an Elite MPX using the ND:YAG part of it with the following settings:

18mm spot size
20 joules

This didn’t really hurt or anything (I’ll check for skin reaction is a day or 2) but she said that should be fine for me and wouldn’t want to go any higher initially.

She said she would just use the ND:YAG initially for first 3 sessions rather than using both at once and would then review as in her opinion the dual laser wouldnt be required for me and would be too powerful for the amount of hair I have.

She recommended 6 sessions about 8 weeks apart for first 3 (but would review hair growth each time I came in) and about 10 weeks apart for final 3.

She said she’d been in LHR for 6 years and generally explained everything and didnt push me into selling anything etc just gave the info and that was that.

Oh and I want my back and top of shoulders done, pic below. Someone on here before said my hair was too fine for LHR but she said it was suitable and was more than thick/coarse enough to achieve near total permanent reduction.

To your last point, if you believe her over the advice on this forum, then you should be okay with her settings too.

And it should hurt, rather a lot, if the settings are good.

Right I will investigate some electrolysis then based on the advice here, got an appt at a clinic on friday. I will post in other forum for comments.

You won’t get results on that type of hair, no matter what the settings are. And you’re risking inducing more growth. I don’t recommed that you use laser.