Are there effectiveness differences btwn these needle types....

Insulted and non
bulbuous probe and non

I used to go to lucy, and so now i always make sure my guy uses insulated tips (supposedly keeps the current concetrated) and bulbous (supposedly keeps the tip from penetrating skin) any opinions on this? Thanks.

I thought there was a third thing, but i can’t remember right now.

Also, any truth to the tip that says stay or become very hydrated before your elec. treatments so that current conducts better?

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Insulted probes? :wink:

Probes are like different modalities-- many opinions about what’s best, but little consensus. The main thing is still operator skill.

Insulated are probably a bit safer, especially with blend and galvanic.

Bulbous probes appear to concentrate the energy at the base of the needle, which may assist with effectiveness. As you note, they also may be less likely to push through the bottom of the follicle.

Other things to look for are disposable probes (a must!). Some prefer gold needles because of metal allergies.

Again, operator skill is more important than probe type.

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