Are there any issues with using different lasers?

Just curious,

Since it seems like every single clinic uses a different laser. I’m skin type 3 and as you can see from my previous posts I seem to react well to laser, as only 4 sessions of IPL produced amazing results. Having said that, it seems like there are much better prices in Toronto but not with GentleLASE. Soprano XL is much cheaper, and even LightSheer can be had for less on promotion pricing. So is there any issue with changing it up? Say doing GentleLASE on one area, then the next time doing a different type if a promotion works better then? I don’t see why it would matter but just curious on feedback.

Prices really don’t depend on anything but what the clinic decides to charge based on their expenses and assumptions of what they can or should charge. Toronto has hundreds of clinics. I would look around and bargain if you like specific clinics.

I don’t know if I understand your question. We recommend the BEST lasers out there. Of course, you can switch back and forth between less effective and more effective machines - that’s up to you, but results will likely reflect it.

Either way, on the right type of hair with very coarse and dense growth, any of these machines at good settings should work in the beginning. Differences in results are seen later based on number of treatments needed overall and effects on the less dense and growth growth that remains after a few treatments.

IPL machines cost much less than true laser machines. On the other hand though, true lasers are about the same price range for most of the machines, so as LAgirl said, prices don’t really depend on anything specific.

I know you recommend the best lasers out there but LAgirl you’re very biased towards alexandrite, which is fine. I’ve had it and it does seem to work well, but the majority of the recommendations on here for the “best” laser being alexandrite come from yourself. Odi recommends soprano xl the diode, and others recommend other machines. I have no doubt though that alexandrite is the best, but I’ve convinced myself of this from reading these forums, and the laser faq and so on, but I’m realizing all those posts and faqs are written by yourself lol. Again I don’t question your knowledge, as you clearly know more than almost everyone on here and I’m happy with your recommendations. My question was simply is it detrimental to do one laser type then switch to another or does it matter. My issue is that I’ve found literally 4 or 5 places in Toronto that offer alex after doing extensive searching. My current place has reasonable prices for some areas, but expensive for others. The other place offers apogee elite, but their prices are incredibly low and they operate out of a condo which is a no thanks for me. Then the other two are the insane types where it’s $250 for underarms and other ridiculous prices like $450 for chest. Almost all the clinics seem to have a diode type laser or IPL. IPL I definitely don’t want, but it seems like all the new technologies (LightSheer Duet, Soprano XL, etc) are all diodes, so I don’t see how they can be that bad. When is the last time an alexandrite came out? My point is that I wanted to try other types of lasers since there’s much better pricing out there and I was just wondering if doing 1 session on GentleLASE then switching to another would have negative effects is all. AGain lagirl don’t take offense to this, you’re incredibly knowledgeable in this area, but I feel like I could post in the shaving forum a question about what type of shaving cream is best and your response would be “no shaving cream is the best, you need an alexandrite like gentlelase if you want the best results” :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not biased towards anything. I’m a consumer, so I have no reason to promote any one thing over the other. The only reason that I’m on this forum helping others is because I got great results with the help of other kind people on these forums when I was getting my treatments several years ago. Now, I just return the favor, for free. You would know this if you took a second to read my story which is clearly posted under my posts.

The fact that alexandrites are best is not my opinion. It’s a fact based on the specs of alex lasers, which make them most powerful. They have a shorter wavelength than diodes and Yags. The latter are made less powerful to cater to lighter skin types which alexandrites would burn at high enough settings to kill the hair. This is also described in the FAQs, which I wrote based on extensive research and opinions of many contributors here and on other forums who don’t regularly contribute here due to their other committments.

In the end, you can decide what is worth it to you and what’s not. We’re only here to provide facts. Diodes and Yags work too - there are just slight differences in results on certain types of skin types and hair types. There are many variables involved. In the end, the important things is that you’re being treated on the right type of hair by an experienced person who’s setting the BEST settings POSSIBLE in the situation given what they have. You can have ineffective treatments with an alex as well if settings are not right.

As consumers, opinions from folks like LA Girl are very useful. There is so much information available that it is difficult to know what is actually good. This forum helps to break down the information and allows us to share experiences which in the end makes us all educated consumers. In addition, there are many LHR businesses that are dubious. One needs to be educated. The sales pitch can be very costly. I experienced this and paid for three years of worthless treatments. Before I found this website, I had no idea about a laser, diode, IPL, etc. I wish I had because I would be $3,000 richer and less hairier. LA Girl and all the other major contributors, keep up the good work and thank you for your honesty and please keep on sharing.

I value everyones contributions as well and I’d be in the same boat, probably still doing IPL if it wasn’t for this site. My point was there are other experts on here as well and it seems like every time I ask any type of question referring to experiences with another type of laser, lagirls’s response is basically that’s garbage only alexandrite is the best. I agree so far and value the oppinion but I’m simply saying I’d like to hear responses from other people about their experiences and feedback as well versus constantly getting shut down in every post and basically being told if I don’t use gentelase im wasting my money. When I asked the question how much more effective is laser than IPL, I wanted to know in general, not have a response saying IPL is useless that gentlelase is the only way to go. Same with asking if it’s okay to switch between different laser types, I’m asking if there’s any negative effects to doing this, I wasn’t looking for an answer teling me the difference between using gentlelase and less effective machines. I don’t need the constant promotion of gentlelase I already love it, but not all my questions are about it which is what every single answer always goes back to.

About issues, we noticed from experience that people who tried IPL prior to diode laser treatments were seeing results much slower. It seems as if the hair that survived the IPL treatments (assuming they weren’t happy from the results) becomes more resistant to treatment later on. We’ve heard from other manufacturers to wait at least 3 months before trying something else.

You can’t really say how much true laser is better than IPL so you can compare prices. Some don’t work at all and some do. Why is that? It’s much cheaper and easier to sell so many people try to develop machines that work for cheap. It’s kinda like the home devices.

Do you even read the posts I write or you just assume when you write what you do? Let me REPOST what I wrote again, which is what I ALWAYS say and what the FAQs say. Nowhere do I say that other machines don’t work. That’s your assumption and frankly I don’t know where you go that from unless you’re just not reading anything here carefully enough.

“Diodes and Yags (and IPLs) work too - there are just slight differences in results on certain types of skin types and hair types. There are many variables involved. In the end, the important things is that you’re being treated on the right type of hair by an experienced person who’s setting the BEST settings POSSIBLE in the situation given what they have. You can have ineffective treatments with an alex as well if settings are not right.”