Are there any effective laser hair removal systems available for less than $5000?


I am looking to permanently remove ALOT of hair and I am too embarassed to go to a clinic to get it done. Is there any home system for under $5,000 that I can purchase and do at home for PERMANENT hair removal? Something professional, top of the line, maybe a clinic quality system? Can anyone help?



I saw this same post under Do-It-Yourself Electrolysis forum, also. Since you are posting this under laser too, I thought you would be interested to know that there is a new topic that was started today on titled “used lasers”. Maybe you could join in if that discussion takes off.

I would encourage you again to read these forums from top to bottom to get a good grasp of what different methods can and cannot realistically accomplish for you. Find other forums at other sites and compare. You will save time, money and maybe your skin.



Please try to understand that laser hair removal with a true coherent light laser is a tricky process, with a lot of experience being necessary to even determine the proper settings to use. Depending upon your location, you may not even be able to purchase a machine - some states limit (in fact most states) the machine’s purchase to medical doctors, nurse practitioners or PA’s. The machines are expensive - I don’t know of any used units that would sell for $5,000, if they are really lasers. Do some research and try to find an understanding practitioner in your area. Keep us posted.