Are The Pictures Real?

im looking my ass off for a place in manhattan thats highly certified and aloows a pay per treatment basis…

so far im stuck on this place…itis-barbea.htm

those pictures for the upper body of a man look very very good if they are real anyone know anything about it???

or can recommend a good nyc place

Lots of pictures show before-after or 6 wks post 3rd treatment etc. My gut tells me they buzz them down and take picture then or other little twists of the truth…especially when showing a guy and only 2 or 3 treatments.

I would see about packages BUT get their treatment protocol ahead of time. That way you know what settings will be used on each treatment. Before you buy, you can run it by this site and have others comment on whether settings are good or not, then go back and demand to be treated with correct settings. This is assuming your body will handle the best settings for the laser used. Just my opinion.

AdvanceDermalaser is one of the more reputable centers in New York. Their pricing is quite good and they know what they are doing.

Wow, those pictures are really good (or fake). But who knows. Its hard to see if there is still hair there w/o a close up. Also, if they took the picture right after shedding (before the hair grew back) then they could be real, but misleading.

for some reason, the “after” photos don’t enlarge on any of them…

I would say go in for the free consult / test patch and see how you react. If you read through this site you’ll see everyone’s results vary and there are some very pleased people (who generally never come back) and very angry people (who make it known nonstop how ineffective LHR is)

Those pictures are pretty impressive but I can give you the same pictures if you like from when I nair’d my legs/arms and waxed my chest… Pictures can be faked if they are only being used to sell a product, much like the before and after hair restoration on balding males.