Are pain killers effective ?

Like Percocet,etc…

Ive never taken any of these types of meds. How does it make you feel ? Is it safe with laser ?


you shouldn’t need anything stronger than Ibuprofen etc. If you still can’t handle it, you need the numbing cream.

I usually dont use anything, but im thinkin about it for areas that are notoriously extra painful, like private parts. I dont want to use any numbing creams.

actually, “private parts” are not as painful as other areas a lot of times. in general, the areas that are most painful are the ones with the most dense hair. Advil and Ibuprofen will do a bit, but short of the numbing cream, there is nothing else that will. I’m not sure if you’ve had any treatments already, but they’re not intolerable. I would say to try one before you start looking too hard into this.

I only used Advil for my first treatment and didn’t have any problems. For the second treatment I used a numbing cream, but I didn’t feel a difference. Either way, the pain isn’t that bad. If you are having a large area treated, ask the tech to pause for a minute so you can relax again.

I should add, be careful with numbing cream and drugs. Too much numbing cream can be harmful or fatal (several people have died recently before laser hair removal procedures) and you should NEVER use narcotic/opiate drugs like Percocet or similar for any kind of hair removal procedure. In a few people they can be highly habit forming, but more often they cause unpleasant side effects and make you unfit to drive. At the very least, they are overkill. If it hurts that bad, something is wrong.

I’ve read that too. I used lidocain and prilocaine cream – only in my bikini area. I was told this is okay . . . should I be concerned.