are meds useful?

HI everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone on this forum has used medications to treat their excess hair growth. I’ve heard Spironolactone is one of the most commonly used drugs. At this point in my life, after hearing that waxing and plucking worsens it, electrolysis is slow and soo expensive and lasering could make the hair worse (as it did for me), I’m thinking of getting my hormones checked. There is no reason why women should have to deal with something that men should only have! Just wondering…


that medication will arrest the developement of NEW hairs, and may make SOME of the hair you have thinner in diameter, but only well performed electrolysis will rid you of the hair you have already acquired.


I am taking spironolactone at 200mg per day right now.
It will help thin out body hair but doesn’t do a lot for facial hair. You will probably need electrolysis for that.
It is a diuretic, and can be an effective antiandrogen.

You should not use it if there is any chance you will become pregnant however since it can effect male fetal developement.