Are hairy man usually balding?

I post this here in the hope that laser clinic owners as well as guys going for laser hair removal answer this question based on their observations. At the gym I go to, almost all men with hairy backs are bald on their scalps. Guys with very hairy chests and abs are also usually at least thinning on their scalps. In contrast, most younger Asian people (and some of my family members too!) have no body hair and thick scalp hair. I, on the other hand, have a lot of body hair and am losing my scalp hair like crazy.

Does this mean I have excess DHT or does it mean that my follicles are more sensitive to the DHT? i.e., does a guy with no body hair and thick scalp hair have the same DHT levels as someone like me, but follicles that are insensitive to DHT? Or is it essentially an issue with DHT levels rather than follicle sensitivity?

In my personal experience this is true. I know me and 2 other friends who are hairier than me and balder than me too!

Yes, those with higher levels of androgens tend to have more body hair and less hair on the scalp with genetics also being a major factor.

But it’s not always the case, I’m pretty hairy yet I haven’t lost a bit of hair on my scalp. I’d go so far as to say I’ve got enough hair on my scalp for two men.

Yes, the key words here are, “TENDS” to have more body hair and also, “GENETICS”.