Are GentleYag lasers ONLY for those w/ dark skin?

From everything I’ve read, it is designed more for darker skin tones, those who would easily burn with the other model lasers. I have fair skin with dark hair though. Fitz type II. I have gotten several recs from people for a certain place to have this done, but they only use the YAG. Wondering if I should look elsewhere. Can the GentleYAG successfully remove hair from those who are fair? Would I have better results with a GentleLASE? Thanks!

A YAG does work on fair skin, but not as effectively as an alexandrite laser would. I’d recommend looking for someone with GentleLASE or GentleMAX. The candela website has a practitioner search so you can find someone with such a laser.

The smaller frequency of Nd:YAG can be useful for deep facial hairs, but otherwise you are much better off with an alex as a type II. For all lasers, the hair must be
dark and coarse.

As always, results are predicated on the technician’s skill.

Thank you both for your replies. This is exactly what I needed to know.

It will work the same for very coarse hair if good settings are used. After 4 or so treatments, you may reach diminishing returns and may need to switch to an alex.

Dont you find it amazing as to how mant different answers you can get from one question.

I’m sure they each believe what they say, however, the ones with a particular laser are sure theirs is the one to use and another laser owner insists their device is best. WHO DO YOU PICK? EENEE MEEMEE MINEE MO

No one in this thread owns any laser devices or has any stake in anything laser related.

Being an electrologist, you do, however.

This is my first time posting, so apologies if this should have been in its own thread - it is related, I promise!

I have Indian skin (brown but not extremely dark, often referred to as “golden tan” with yellow undertones) and coarse black hair. I’m looking into laser hair removal for my lip and chin, which is prone to coarse dark hair and frequent ingrowns.

My dermatologist recommended I go to places that use a 1064 nm YAG (like Candela GentleYAG). After MUCH research, I found the center that I’d prefer to go to, based on user reviews, actually seeing results of other patients, etc. However, they only use the Candela GentleLASE.

Would the Candela GentleLASE be comparable to the GentleYAG, based on my skin tone? The center finally has a one-day Groupon available for the 6 sessions I want, but I don’t want to be swayed by the price/time deadline, if the two lasers are NOT comparable.


You’re too dark for GentleLASE. They would have to use very low settings in order not to burn you, which won’t get you results and will also increase your chances for induced growth (common on this area on darker skin types). So no, I would not recommend it.