Are Four Blades Better Than Three?

No, but it’s damn close! I tried the Quattro cartridge that I bought on sale the other day. They are very good! The Venus and M3 Power shave a little bit closer, but not a night and day difference. Zero cuts with the Quattro. The refills don’t have any pink or fuschia (sp) on them so they look stealthy! The edges are slightly rounded so they don’t catch when shaving in back of the knees or the armpits. If anyone is partial to Schick products and/or already have a men’s Quattro handle it is a good option.

Meijer’s had the Vibrance on sale, but still more expensive than Walmart. Meijers was almost out of them too. So it appears they are catching on big. The M3s didn’t sell out like that when they were introduced but the stores stocked boatloads of them. BTW, there was also a price cut on the M3s so they should be about the same price as the Vibrance.


I tried the Venus Vibrance yesterday and I would have to answer my original question with a “NO.” The new vibrating Venus clearly outperformed the Quattro, which was a very good razor. The shave was noticeably closer and lasted longer before I could feel stubble. I would say the shave was equivalent to my M3 Power which is to say excellent.

I have to qualify my comparison. I had laser hair removal done on my legs about two weeks ago so the longer lasting shave may be partially attributed to the fact that my leg hair may be shedding. It’s about that time 2-3 weeks post treatment. I will reshave with the Quattro and see if the longer lasting results occur with it too. There was a week between using the Quattro and the Venus Vibrance. But the difference was sudden and different enough that hair shedding may not have affected the results.

The Venus is very noisy, just about as loud as my Braun Activator electric. You don’t expect a small AAA battery operated motor to be as loud as an 8500 RPM electric razor that runs on Ni MH batteries with a motor 4-5 times its size. They also redid the handle to hold the motor and it is more slippery. That was the big advantage of the original Venus. The M3 Power handle is just as good if not better and it is much quieter.

A net result of this comparison is that I will probably go back to the M3 Power which shaves just as good as the vibrating Venus. I have not used the M3 Power on my legs for a while, and the Venus reminded me just how good it is.


I don’t agree. The Venus Vibrance rattles a bit, but is not that noisy. Perhpaps yours is defective. Plus, I find the handle just as good to hold, in fact, I like the added weight of the battery and motor, I think that is one reason it is smoother feeling. I far prefer it for my legs than the M3 power, which I use on my face, and think its the best thing made for legs.

I do agree on the shave quality, though.:slight_smile:

It definitely gets the job done, no question about it. The choice of handle is subjective, I was just used to the rubbery feel of the original Venus handle. I wonder if the Venus vibrates faster, you can definitely feel it more. And that could be why it is louder than the M3.