approx. time

i would like to do my upper arms,back, and front. only a small portion of my hair is thick,being the chest,lower back and under the hairline of my neck. i know there’s no set time, but how long should this take? could it all be done in two years possibly? or at least a good portion of it because i dont want to be like this for forever.

also, do finer hairs take less time to treat? in the light i can see the pores so it should be easy to find the hole to insert, as long as i have a good electrologist. i have found one in my area who has done elect. since 1985, so i think i may check her out…and there was only one other that i could find and i’m not sure how long she’s been doing it. anyhow, thanks for any information you can give me on this subject.

Supernova:I have had all my chest,underarm,pubic and treasure trail hair removed by electrolysis;but I can’t tell you how long it takes. Whenever I had the money I would get a treatment. I never paid attention to the time; but all of a sudden it was all gone. If you start with the underarms, I believe you will find that area takes the least time to clear or at least I felt I got clearance quickly.

Assuming one had the work done on the proper schedule, most areas can be cleared in 9 to 18 months. That being said, one must understand the limitations of your scheduling, your practitioner, and the equipment being used on you.

The most important thing is to be able to get the entire area being worked on cleared each and every appointment. Obviously, one is not going to get head to toe hair removal in one session in electrolysis, (I doubt a laser operator would do that either.) so one must prioritize the treatment areas one concentrates on first.

Next, the skill of the practitioner will dictate how many hairs can be cleared per hour. Obviously, someone who can remove 1,000 hairs per hour can get more done than one who can remove 100 hairs per hour.

Now one just has to come often enough for the newly cleared area to be recleared before the hair goes out of phase.

So again, you can clear any area in 9 to 18 months if it is concentrated on, but for a whole body, it would have more to do with one’s ability to get as much treatment time done in the proper schedule to catch the phase and stay on top of the cycles the entire time.