appointment with Fino Gior's son John

Hi, I have a consultation with John Gior. Has anyone dealt with him? heard anything about him? any advice? thanks

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I had appointment wiith Fino (I’ll be probably posting the results later). He recommended me to come next time to one of his sons because they are cheaper than him. I asked him about how their work compares to his and he said that it’s the same. He said that he charges more to get less clients to come to him personally because he’s overbooked.
They used to have a woman working in the office, but he said that there were too many complaints about her and they let her go.

hi, I had my appointment last night. We were coming from nj and left at 4:30, my appointment was at 5:45… we hit traffic. so we finally got there at 6:20.

John could not take me. his brother James, who had a cancellation, did. They were very friendly. It hurt very little… just a slight sting. some were less painful than tweezing (there were a couple that felt like a burn). He was very nice, he only charged me $45… when I was there almost an hour (should of been $80). Right now it is tender and has bumps… he said only clean it with peroxide. should I apply anything else? like neosporin? or aloe vera?
I will keep the board posted. I notice not many people do, and I would of loved if more people did.

I am not a fan of neosporin. It is the treatment product that the most people are allergic to, and yet, because of advertising, it is also the best selling one, and the one most likely to be used by the average person. Those who are allergic to it find themselves leaking plasma from the skin, and crusting. They think it is the treatment, but it is really an allergic reaction that would have occured even if they had put the product on bare untreated, unbroken skin. :fearful:

Peroxide alone is ok. I persoanally like Tea Tree Oil overnight and Aloe Vera during the day for the fastest healing. If you need it, use Aloe Cortisone for itching, and Hydroquinone in an Aloe base cream if you need to fade any spotting or freckles.

hi, thats great you had gone to Fino’s son. So he did electrolysis all over your face? let me know. And does your face turns red when he did that. You got any scaring, I mean it went away. bye

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by Sahara:
<strong>hi, thats great you had gone to Fino’s son. So he did electrolysis all over your face? let me know. And does your face turns red when he did that. You got any scaring, I mean it went away. bye</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>no no scarring! yeah my face was red and bumpy. now 4 days later there are a few freckles (looks kinda like blackheads, there not)

my chin is still red. it feels a little like a bruise.

by the enmd of the week it should be all good

it is more than a month later and just last week the hair has been noticable hair. There is no scarring or marks, for a couple of weeks it was how my skin use to be a year or two ago. I am going to call to this week to make an appointment. for the most part it looks alot finer. but there are a few dark hairs still.

I do not know if those are new growths or just the same hair? does anyone know how I could tell? I’m worried I will never get rid of it for good if I do have a real hormonal problem. thanks

You just have to stay the course. Once you get the 3 phases of hair growth, you will have easy proof of your results. The hair you are seeing now is untreated hair that was not available for treatment the day you had your work done.