appoinment with Maria Vega, NYC

Hi, I had an appointment on Thursday. she was a nice lady. I am not sure if she used the highest intensity she could of… it hardly felt like anything, she said it was “aplius” (sp?)

her place was very easy to find, very convenient. my skin feels much smoother than the first time. there really is no scabbing, like last time. just little bumps, my chin feels a little like a bruise (as it did last time) ,she spent 1/2 an hour for $50
I will probably stick with her since it was so convenient.

Apilus Machines provide good strong treatment while being comfortable to the client at the same time. Most people find treatment with Apilus machines to be a world of difference. Sounds like you found a good one. You should post her contact information in the Referral section and keep us posted on your progress.

my hair grew back in less than a week. my first appointment it took like 3 weeks… is that her or me?