Apollo Laser Center in NJ-has anyone here heard of them

I need laser hair removal done using YAG. Bit hairy on back, but mostly dead hair which has been falling off at age of 29. The http://www.apollolasercenter.com/AboutUsPolicies.htm is the closet to my place, but I’m not sure of their experience. However their free consultation tells me that they might me least expensive. The reflections laser center in Bridgewater NJ appear very professional, but want $900 per treatment. I believe there was gentleman on this Forum from Easton PA who was quoted $1200 per treatment by Reflections. If you are reading this message please let me know which laser center you went to and your experience with them.

NJ is generally more expensive because only MDs or so are allowed to treat with laser I believe…basically high certification required compared to other states. You might find cheaper prices in neighboring states.

Also, I doubt it is “dead” hair that you’re talking about. It’s probably dormant hair that sheds. Hair grows in cycles and once it goes through anagen (growing) and telogen (resting) phases, it sheds and new hair comes in.