Apogee VS. IPL

Dear All,

I have treated with IPL for two and half years on my beard, chin, and upper & lower lip. I have white skin and dark hair. After considerable sessions, thick hairs were gone. Later, hair regrow but not as thick as before laser.
Hair colour is light black instead of dark black.

I visited the clinic more than 20 times until all thick hairs were gone, but light hairs grow instead. For Upper lip, there are few light hair and almost hairs are gone. I can say that just 3-4 hairs at the corner of my mouth. I am still not satisfied with light hair on beard and chin because after each treatement (4-5 weeks) hairs come back and likely that IPL is not function on my light hairs even though my doctor use different filter when doing think and light hair (640). I am not sure whether there is anyone experience the same as me. I don’t understand that I did more than 20 sessions but not feel good with it. If I do not back to laser after 4-6 weeks, hairs are obviously seen and look like cat hair ! I cannot stand with it !!!

During doing IPL, I do not find other method until recently I heard from another clinic that they use Apogee machine which they just bought early 2004. When I called them, they said that it is the latest technology and gives better result than IPL. Also, they told me that some of IPL patients turn to their clinic for Apogee and get better result. Anyway, I am not sure whether what they told are correct or just want me to pay for their clinic. When I decided to use IPL, the clinic claimed that it was the best hair removal technology (at that time).

Any expert or experienced patient, could you answer my puzzle
a) Is Apogee better than IPL ? In which aspect ?
b) Is Apogee the latest hair removal technology ?
c) Is Apogee more pain than IPL ?
d) Should I turn to Apogee ? I paid a lot with IPL but not get satified result.

Thank again

If you only have a few hairs left you should consider electrolysis, it works on all colors of hair.

The Apogee is a good laser but not for lighter colored hairs.

The Aurora seems to work better on lighter and finer hairs than laser but not as good as electrolysis.

Lightsheer works good on fine hairs but they must be dark. It does not work at all on lighter colored hairs, at least for me.