Apogee (Alex) technology up to 25J


Hi All,

Just a quick question?
I have started the treatment with the Apogee 6200 that goes up to 25J max. Now I see that Cynosure sells the Apogee with a new model 6200 going up to 50J. Can anyone answer if there is a difference in the final results? and how do they are different.

If the company as upgraded the product, there must be a reason. I believe the one I am using belongs to the old technology, therefore I am fully convinced to continue using it. I should swich to Lightsheer.

Cheers for now!


You should be treated with the highest fluence you can tolerate without permanent skin damage.

I started treatments with the Apogee 40 (40J) which was pretty good. Eventually my practitioner switched to the Lightsheer (60J max). I’ve been treated at 45J with excellent results.

25J max. does seem kind of low. I got good results at 40J but great results at 45J with the Lightsheer.



Hi Thanks for the answer,

It seems that there is not really an agrement on the fluence and the spot size. Apogee seems to have a good spot size, even the one I am using.

So there seem to be probabilities that results can be achieved as well. The question is that at a fluence of 18j in some part of my body is very painful.

I do not know why, because 18 is not a lot…


There are a lot of factors which go into determining what fluence is correct for each person, and even on one person it will often vary by body area.

That’s why it’s so important to go to someone really good with a lot of experience.