Apilus xCell Pro ~ How to use

I have just purchased a new Apilus xCell Pro. I am having a hard time getting started with settings and all. I am not very savvy with computer stuff. Customer service was not very helpful in guiding me to the right steps for epilation. Would someone who knows what to do please guide me with step by step procedure on how to operate this Apilus xCell Pro?

What do you want to know?
The interface is pretty straitforward. Make sure to choose your probe type with the button on the right of the treatment type. I recommend isoblend probes for most things. For a tiny or velous hair you cant really go wrong with picoflash. For hairs with slightly larger roots I tend to go into meloflash, a 6 or 7 for the deep course trans beard hairs nothing beats Synchro ( again a 6 or 7 ) for chin and neck . Use as large a probe as you can comfortably insert into the follicle for the most even heat distribution. If doing bend I do lie some of the omni blend settings. choose your body area and watch your insertion depth and you’re good to go. If you want a little more “oomph” to your settings adjust the number of dots on the selection where you choose your settings. Dee has dubbed this the “turbo” button.

Don’t update the firmware on your Xcell pro if it works . Mine from 3 years ago came with 4.2 and the Dectro technician told me recently they have seen problems with the new version 4.8 software. I have had to send mine in to Dectro for a hardware revision, due to a loss of power using thermolysis ( dectro thinks this is a defect in the grounding circuit) . The loaner from Decto I’m using in the meantime seems to have a preproduction 2.8 version software and it does some funny things to the interface.Expect the same kind of issues as seen on the plattinum over time these are just as if not more complicated machines

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Thank you so much. That’s very helpful! Will definitely give it a shot. So do I go to Home first and fill out patient info? and then…?

You can, when at the home screen you’ll see a client screen button on the bottom right. Thing is, I hardly ever use this and always jump into the modality and start programming settings for my treatment. I’m really limited time to get the client in, on the table and ready/ cleaned for treatment then payment processed after ( total 15 minutes) so I dont use the client tracking features, at all. My practise is a high production environment with a packed schedule and not even time to take lunch! /I have favourite setting that I return to time and time again. The nice thing about the Xcell is its a bit like getting the “really big Mechanics toolbox with every tool imagineable” as a car mechanic. You wont use all the features every day, but you will use some of them daily.

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Thank you so much. You have helped me tremendously. Sometimes the extra bells and whistles get to be more distracting. It is good to know I can ignore them and go straight to the point of treatment without worries.