Apilus SX 500 for sale

From a reader:

Hello, I have an Apilus sx 500, bought new and have never used it ( a few practice sessions). We did not open a clinic as we had hoped and I would like to sell it. Hopefull someone can use it and not have it collect dust.
Sue Miller
386 852 6427
Ormond Beach, FL

No endorsement implied. I do not know this person; just passing this along to those who might want to look into this.

how much are you selling the sx apilus machine for

Great epilator. Attention everyone!

I used to have one of these.
If one can get a good understanding of it, this is a great machine and would make things easier for the novice as long as learning the machine is a high priority.

Did you sell the machine?
If not for how much do you sell it?

You can get an answer to your question if you call the seller listed above at the phone number listed above. There is no guarantee that she is following this thread.

i would buy this machine off you how much?