Apilus Senior II pricing?


I hope I’m posting this in the right section, if not please move to where it belongs :slight_smile: I’m not a professional myself, but I bought an Apilus II Senior and had my girl-friend remove all the hair from my back and shoulder, worked like a charm. ( but it took forever, since we’re amateurs) Now I have the mashine plus needles and equipment and second paddle and 110/220V adaptors etc. etc. lying around for a year and I think it’s a waste because maybe some up-and-coming amateur wants to go pro with his own salon. Can someone point me towards other ads and how much it is worth selling and where a good place would be to put it up? I’m German, I paid 2200 $ in California three years ago when I traveled there, but I’m fine with selling it for a bit less since it did the job and I don’t need it anymore.

Thanks for the help,
kind regards,
hairless Martin

These show up on kijiji here in ontario and ( mostly) in quebec where they fetch anywhere from a few hundred dollars to around $2000 cdn maximum. Most often I see them priced around $1200 CDN

examples on the same machine:https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sante-besoins-speciaux/longueuil-rive-sud/appareil-electrolyse/1407057451?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

Dear Martin, how much you want for apilus!? Could you send me technical date of this equipment? Are you from Europe, it is important for me? Thank you in advance.

Hello, thanks for the quick replies! Does this Board have a sales-section I can post in? Or should this be done over private messages? Thanks everyone :slight_smile: