Apilus Senior II (Like New)

So I’ve done hair for over 10 years and I wanted to try and change things up, so I bought a Apilus Senior II (top of the line at the time), a Wayne Dry Heat Sterilizer (S-500), a Zeiss G3 head-worn loupe and went to school. Well, long story short…apparently I’m not talented enough to do both! :blush: Anyway, I’m in Spokane WA, and looking to sell either or both of these to another professional (or student).

The Apilus has UNDER 100 hours (like I said, I wasn’t that good! :blush:). I’m asking $4000 for everything, or $3000 for just the Apilus, and $500 each for the other 2. I’ll pay for shipping anywhere in the U.S. Anyway, please shoot me an e-mail if interested! Thanks, Shannon

Ok, so my husband has been doing some research and he said $4000 was too much. We are now only asking $3500 for everything. Or $2800 for the Apilus, $400 for the sterilizer and $300 for the Zeiss G3.

I guess it may help if I actually attach an e-mail too?! heetmasta@hotmail.com (yes, it REALLY old), or call my husband (Seth) at (509) 389-3376.

Ok…so now we’re just trying to get rid of it! How’s $2000 for EVERYTHING and we’ll ship it free anywhere in the U.S. (we’re really broke, and it’s my husband’s last semester in school)!

Hi Shannon,
I am interested in you apilus seniorll and the ziess loupes. Can you tell me where and when you prurchased these 2 items. My daughter is looking for an Apilus Senior ll and I the loops. I live in BC and frequent Spokane, Wa. I could possibly pick it up if you wouldn’t ship. Do you have the original box and user manual for the epilator?
Thanks, Toni

I’m in the middle of selling them all right now, but should the sale not work out I’ll contact you first thing HairLover!

Hi Shannon…did you sell the apilus senior ll? Do you have the Zeiss loupes? Thanks, Toni

Just sold and shipped everything! Thank you all very much for your interest!

Hi :cool: are you still interested in an Apilus Epilator Senior II,
I have hardly used mine.
I also have a Libra treatment table, a costela utility cart, Dazor Lamp, Dazor caster stand,
wayne Dry Sterilizer, and much more.
I had an office but for family matters I had to close it and pack up every thing.

For sale:Electrolysis Equipment/ Apilus Senior II Epilator $2,000, a Wayne Dry Heat Sterilizer model S-500 $200, and Dazor Lamp with Dazor Caster Stand $185, CONSTELLA utility Cart $180, Libra I treatment table with vinyl cover and 2 pillows $ 200, chrome based stool $85,
Ultrasonic cleaner L&R PC3 $100 and many more items to open a comple operating office.
(message me for complete list and photos)
I can sell one item or all together.
I live in Arizona I can ship any where in the US.

What year is this equipment?

I bought it in November 2005, when I finished my school in Massachussets and then I moved to Az and opened on office for 3 months and then closed it. It is hardly used, I can email you pictures if you want.

Hi Gina, is your Apilus and accessories still available? Please call me on 516-398-4339.

  • Gail

Hi Gail, I just seen your message, I am sorry I didn’t see it earlier .I will call you tomorrow Saturday, Thanks, Gina