Apilus Senior II FOR SALE Excellent Cond. $1880

I am posting this on behalf of a friend who has an Apilus Senior II for sale. She is charging $2,080.00 on eBay, but willing to sell it for $1,880 (free ground UPS shipping) if using Paypal ($200 off because no Ebay fees/commissions).


Comes with all accessories, manual, etc. and in excellent condition, tested and GUARANTEED to work (all settings as well) and approximately less than 50 hours of usage, and 2 users (my friend Lynn and previous owner). We tried working on each other, and she wanted to open a small business, but found it too difficult to do. I have been on the HairTell forums for a couple of years now as a DIYer, so I can vouch for reputation. Not exactly sure on year when manufactured, but I believe it is about 3-6 years old.

If you have any questions, we may be contacted here: