Apilus Senior II Electrolysis Machine for sale

I have an Apilus senior and Wayne Dry Heat Sterilizer for sale, I am asking $3000 obo.

Hi i’m a student, and would like to purchase your machine…did you sell it already? how old is it, and does it come with everything?

I am interested in your apilus senior. Do you still have it for sale?

That member has not logged in to the site since posting that ad, so I assume this person knows nothing of the interest that was created here. I suggest you contact this person at the email addy: sherlu76@gmail.com

Do post back to let us know what happened, so we can either delete this thread if no contact is possible, or applaud bringing you together with a good machine.

If you would like to purchase a mint condition used Apilus SX 500, it is available for $3500. All taxes included. It comes with 100 pre-sterilized disposable probes that include a variety of sizes in one piece and two piece, gold, stainless steel and insulated. This also includes a one hour hands on lesson in using the machine for electrolysis purposes only. You pick-up.