Apilus Senior 13 Mhz for DIY?

Is an Apilus Senior machine too complicated for DIY electrolysis?
I took a few classes for electrolysis, as a part of beautician education. It wasnt very detailed but gave a proper idea about electrolysis and i practiced on other students a little bit. But we used manuel machines.
I want do electrolysis on my body and i saw this second hand Apilus machine for about 650 dollars.

Another second hand machine, Sorisa DE600 is about 400 dollars.

I didnt use computerized machine before. I want do blend. What do you recommend?
Sorry for broken English.

no a senior is not too advanced for DIY. The Senior is about on par with the SM-500 I learned on ( nearly identical actually) .

Thank you for recommendation Seana.
It seems complicated to me too. I will look for basic models.