Apilus Platinum vs Elite Spectrum

I am currently a practicing electrolysis. My current employer and mentor, is well known to Gino Fior and has been in the field since 1978. We use a very simple manual german made epilator (thermolysis) which has served us well with no issues at all. I recently have been experimenting with IBP, and have been thoroughly impressed and have since switched over from gold/insulated ballet probes. My employer sees no need to upgrade our epilators, but I am curious and I am a firm believer, that one should always seek to improve one’s technique, which brings me to why I am writing this post. As I have mentioned, my current epilator is as simple as it gets, but with all the hoop-law with the advertisement on the Apilus epilators I wonder if it really is all that it’s made out to be. Unfortunately I have no means to try a Apilus platinum or xcell pro, unless I travel to Quebec.

I tried to contact (Josefa M. Reina ) which, uses both the elite and Apilus, but unfortunately I was unable to get a response. I am not so concerned with all the bells and whistles or with the 13.56 vs the 27mhz but more so on the level of comfort (modes) the Apilus epilator delivers. I question the effectiveness of these modes since it advertises that it delivers pulses hundredths or thousandths of a second, which I imagine requires several pulses to each follicle. Would anyone be able to share their opinion on the level of comfort with the elite spectrum vs the apilus platinum epilators?

Thank you in advance.

I’d put my money on a Spectrum. (I did)

Hi Gigi Solutions,
I will declare at the out-set that I promote the Elite Spectrum in the UK.

I started with the ES after using Apilus Senior 2 for years because I had heard via ‘Hairshoot’ that it was very good and I needed a back-up machine.
I bought one and I learned to use it by referring to the (very small) manual within a week.
The epilator is very intuitive - that is to say you can learn how to operate it by following the buttons on the screen and using your electrolysist’s knowledge whilst referring to the manual.
I am now onto my second machine because I wanted to try the upgraded ‘K’ version of the ES.
With the ‘K’ I am working most of the time in 0.1 second bursts of RF with occasional (maybe 25% of the time) use of 0.05 second bursts in RF, depending on the area being treated. 1 to 2 pulses are all that’s needed 90% (approx) of the time.
I use Laurier probes exclusively and I consider them, and very good optical lenses (loupes) my essentials. I use the ES exclusively now and keep the Apilus as back-up.