Apilus Platinum used for sale

Hi everyone. I have an Apilus Platinum for sale. It is a used machine but in Excellent condition. It has all the accessories that comes with the machine. I’ve included pictures and if you any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m asking for $4500 for the machine. Thanks! 20190922_131831|375x500

Hello, just a quick question I have but I do not want to ask publick.
Here is my email. Please, contact me:

Hello, Is this still available?

Good Morning,

I do apologize for the late reply. Yes, this machine is still available. Are you still interested?


Hello, Asina!
I’m interested in buying! Tell me please, can you send to Russia?

Asina, is it available?

Hi Daria. Yes, it’s still available although I’m not sure if i can ship it to Russia. I’m not too familiar with the duties and taxes that will come with it and requirements from custom.