Apilus platinum pure user manual

Hi, anyone have a user manual I could purchase for the Apilus platinum pure. I am almost finished with my training and purchased a used one on eBay but it came with no manual.


I sent you a message.


The manuals arent that useful actually… I dont think I have one for my platinum pure ( still cant believe I bought one of those) .

Hello, the best people to ask is Dectro International-They are manufacturing the machines. They will help you. Paula:)

Are you saying you can’t believe you bought a platinum pure or the manual?

A Platinum Pure. I have a long history ( and serious hate on as a result) with problems with the platinum pure. Turns out the issue was a combination of protec probes ( which I dont recommend at this point) and poorly built probeholders that fail easily.

I had no issues with my Platinum Pro. Used it heavily for several years and loved it. My understanding is, Dectro no longer makes these units and will not service them after seven years. That seven years is almost up. I would talk to Jean Louis Gonella at Aesthetic Systems in California. Maybe the service part of this is no longer true, so check it out before purchasing.

Ah yes, the end of the line for this unit. I’ll need to remember that this thing is basically disposable, the day it fails, throw it in the garbage and buy another machine for a backup, and crank up the Instantron. But hey, it cost me $1200 and has served my co-electrologist faithfully for the last year.It’s allowed to die anytime .

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It would be best to buy a used XCell Pro, if you are interested in the Dectro line. The Xcell’s have replaced the Platinums and have lived up to my upmost satisfaction in quality and customer service, though I haven’t needed service on the epilator - just needed probe holder, new cords and foot switch. I’ve had mine for 6 years and it has been used real hard.

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Can you please please help me. I need the manual for Apilus Junior the first generation. I really appreciate your help. t-o-n-y@windowslive.com