Apilus Platinum Pure Questions & Probes

Hello! I have been doing electrolysis for over 5 1/2 years. I currently use an Apilus Senior II at my workplace, which I really like. I am going to be adding my services to a very high end spa and I am going to buy my own equipment. The senior II is no longer available but I think I would like to have updated equipment anyway.

I was looking at the Apilus Senior 3G for a little while because I was nervous about how the Platinum was different than what I am used to using. Now that I am looking into the pure I am reading some really great things. Here are my questions about the Platinum Pure.

  • When I open the box will I have to learn a whole new machine or will it be fairly similar? E.g. The chin setting on Senior II is 3/3 - will it be the same on the platinum pure or will I have to learn new settings for each area?
  • Some of the features available on the pure are optional. Do you recommend I take them?
  • There is an automatic detection setting but does it come with the foot petal as normal? I prefer to use one.
  • Is the 27mhz truly better than the 13mhz, is it just as effective or better?
  • Is it gentler and less uncomfortable for the client with less irritation?
  • How have thermocoagulation treatments improved with the platinum pure?
  • I have read it is approximately $7000 but I can’t find an exact price. Does this sound right?
  • Is there anything I need to know about the Platinum Pure and do you have any recommendations?

I also currently use ballet probes but I found a box of sample insulated pro-tec and did a treatment on my leg and I loved the results. How do you feel about ballet vs. pro tec and which do you recommend? Why are the ballet so much more expensive? Thoughts on non-insulated probes?

Thank you

Welcome to Hairtell!

The Senior II is an excellent epilator, but if I was going to stay within the Apilus line of products, I would leap frog to the Apilus Platinum. The Pure model is what most 27 MHz electrologists get. I have the model above that, that has the management system and a few more blend and and thermolysis modalities. I would strongly advise you to have SYNCHRO added for about $450.00 if you choose the Pure model.

Yes, some things will be unfamiliar with a Platinum and we all have had anxiety about this when we opened the box, but you will learn. If you join a free closed Electrologist Facebook page called Electrology International (voting on a new name perhaps in a couple weeks) or the British site, HairShoot, we all can help you with any questions or concerns you may have in the beginning weeks. If you speak Spanish or can translate with an app, there is the AEE site.

You will have to learn new settings most likely, but not to worry! Fall on your principles of timing and intensity . Start low and gradually move up until the hair releases. After 5.5 years, you already have your perfect insertions down, so earning how to use a different epilator is the least of your worries.

As I said, SYNCHRO is a must. It is already on the platinum above it. I like the printer function on the Platinum. The Pure doesn’t have a printer or management system.

With either epilator you can use a foot switch or the auto delay sensor.

The 27 MHz : clients have noticed a difference in my practice. Properly done insertions with the proper ratio of intensity and timing equals less skin irritation and yes, the time to completion is very good with these epilators, but it has more to do with skill and speed. Another subject!

I will look in the catalog and check out the exact price. It is worth every penny.

There are three thermolysis modes on the Platinum - PicoFlash, MultiPlex and Synchro. On the Pure, you have to order Synchro and I believe it has one less blend mode.

Probes are a personal choice based on trying different varieties. We all have our preferences and none of us are wrong! Do yourself a favor and also give Laurier IBP’s a test drive. They are awesome. I like the Ballet gold and the IBP’s. I haven’t given the Pro-tech’s a fair assessment yet. Just try 'em all! It is recommended that use an insulated probe for SYNCHRO thermolysis.

Let me say that the Silhouet -tone VMC model and the Instantron’s Elite Spectrum are two epilators that I have used in the past. Really nice products and I’m not BS’ing here. Really nice. With the Elite Spectrum, you take it out if the box and you know instantly how it works. You don’t need an instruction manual. The comfort level is on par with the Platinum, but it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles like the Platinum. Some people don’t care about paying more for bells and whistles. They want basic and they want quality at a good price. The Elite Spectrum sells for $2,600.00.

Silhouet-Tone just came out with their new epilator. You can call and ask them about what they offer.

Good luck and don’t be afraid to change and go forward!

Thank you so much, that is very helpful. I will most likely go with the pure and I will invest in the synchro!

Okay, Rainbow. These are the prices I see today from the catalog:

Apilus Platinum : $7,541.75
Apilus Platinum Pure: $6,397.15
Apilus Senior 3 G : $3,875.15

Thank you for looking that up for me :slight_smile:

Rainbow if comfort for your clients is an issue, you may also consider the new evolution 5 by Silouete Tone.They claim to have designed it for comfort and efficiency and have it set up so you can download new programs over wifi. They have moved down into the 5 mh range of frequencies for this model . It isnt unfortunately available in the US as the FDA hasnt cleared this frequency for use in the US, but as you appear to be in canada this should be less of an issue. If you are close to Montreal you might consider a trip up to let the salespeople demo for you.

Thank you Seana. I am looking into both of your suggestions :slight_smile:

Just saw that Gretchen posted on another forum that the new Silhouet-tone product is $6,000

Rainbowstars, if you are still watching this thread, I just posted a bunch of links for Quebec and Ontario ads of equipment for sale in the Legitimate ebay machines thread. Amoung them are 2 Apilus Senior 2 machines, one for 1500 and one for 1250.I dont tend to post some of the higher end machines, but there are a few pures and platinums listed too in quebec


Great to hear that you have been using Ballet needles with the Apilus Senior II. We’ve tested Ballet with all modern epilators including the various Apilus machines, so rest assured that Ballet needles will work well with your machine.

One of the leaders in the field of electrology today, Mary Evangelista, owner of the Electrology Institute of N.E. (http://www.electrologyinstitute.com/index.htm) has Apilus machines at her school. Her students use primarily Ballet needles, Insulated for Thermolysis and Gold for blend.

I do like some of the ballet needles. I have a box of F3 gold I picked up recently and I really like them.Tht said I picked up a lot of needles from a retired electrolysist a little while ago, which gave me the opportunity to try out alot of different types and brands.And I do have a beef with the ballet needles, at least in the f2 size.

For my F3’s there is lots of strength to the needle. I have no problem putting one of the F3’s into the folicle of one of my larger terminal beard hairs. Sometimes witht he medium ones too. I have alot more problem, putting an F2 probe into some of the finer hairs I have. I cant see as well and when I do make a mistake ( which is often) , that ballet f2 probe bends like tissue paper.
In that same lot of probes I inherited 3 boxes of laurier probes. Strait stainless steel non-insulated 2 piece probes in little plastic boxes, circa 1996. Recently I sterilized some of the F2 short probes and tried some on my chin. I did this on a theory that turned out to be correct, that they would be made of a different quality of steel. I was delighted to discover, I was absolutely right. The only ones bent of those, were through various acts of dumbasserie performed by myself, such as dropping the probe holder. The f2 Laurier, even 17 year old ones, gave me better control and fewer replacements due to better quality steel than the ballet.


Seana, You should consider using F4 or F5 on Your beard hairs. It is easier to epilate with those larger sizes, and it is possible to use them in facial DIY (i did a lot of hours that way).

I do have some f4’s but not tht many I think. I know there is a sheet or precision probes but I’m not fond of those ones. I think there is some ballet too but I dont remember if they are insulated or not. I havent ventured into the f4’s yet not all of the beard hairs can use it. Many are thin enough an f2 is a challenge. I’m moving into the cheek areas and the hairs area bit thicker there though. Thankfully, that means fewer of the tiny hairs from hell. I’m also taking a break for a few days as I’m about to get a tooth extracted tommorrow.Thanks for the advice, I’ll see what I have for f4’s but I know there’s no f5’s.