Apilus MeloFlash

Has anybody else had any experience with the new MeloFlash program on the Apilus Xcell? I just had about 22 hours of treatment over the last couple of days (two operators working on me at once) using this setting, which I have never had before. Apparently it delivers current in hundredths of a second versus thousands of a second, which the website says is better for destroying deep or dehydrated hairs. I have to say, I am quite sure that the hairs that were treated are never coming back LOL. However, it definitely was more uncomfortable then the pico or micro flash is. On day one I was get Ray to loo on day one I was given IV narcotics and local anesthetic injections, so I really couldn’t feel a thing. The next day however I just use the topical cream, and it was definitely pretty uncomfortable in some areas.

I use Melo flash every day on my clients.Everything you have stated is factual about it. I’m actually very fond of the results .My clients are too.

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Good to know! I just spent a fortune having a ton of it over the past couple of days. I realize now it’s a few years old, but I had never seen that program used because my electrolysis back home usually uses multiplex.