Apilus Junior Plus for Sale in EUROPE

Hello Hairtell Forum,

I have been an active reader in this forum for quite a while but never got around to posting anything. Thanks however for a LOT of usefull tips, especially from the pros.

My practice has hired a professional electrologist working with her own machine. Therefore we have an almost unused Apilus Junior Plus to sell!

It was being used in Vienna,Austria and I will ship it to anywhere inside the EU. Of course you may also try it out and pick it up from my practice. Anywhere further, is certainly possible, but needs to be arranged individually.

The machine comes with everything you see in the pictures including documentation and bills from Dectro. It is basically ready to use as you recieve it.

Im also including 40 Ballet Gold Needles that we got as a promotion.

It is in superb condition and has had very(!) little working hours.

Im trying to avoid ebay as a lot on here have had bad experiences and the fees are outrageous. If anyone feels safer buying over ebay, I will definately put it up though. Just ask for it!

So if you are interested just write me a message with a price you deem reasonable.

For anyone who cant view these images, I have also put it up on this site:

Apilus Junior Plus for Sale


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Hello.do you still sell the device?