Apilus Junior Plus $390

I am looking into getting a machine and came across this site:

Wondering if anyone has ordered from them; the price seems good (too good?) But the company is in Indonesia and I couldn’t find anything abouty them from a google search.

bumpp…saw this also, but kind of wary of buying something from indonesia from a company i cant find anything about.

I wouldn’t.

This is a SCAM
Don’t buy from them

Warning Will Robinson!

I have one for sale! Any one intrested?

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In my opinion, a purchase like this would be VERY high risk. The “red flag” is the price which is not even close to fair market value.

For how much? Shipping to Long Island, NY.

1200.00 practically brand new

Would you be able to send me some pictures and what the machine includes? Thanks in advance.

Hi I have an Apilus Cleo for sale in London. Half price.

Charlotte I’m going to ask you to withdraw this post, and make a new topic if you could please, along with your asking price. It helps us to keep the board organized and to cut down on confusion for people who might respond to you , who may now think that your machine is prices at $390 ( maybe it is? It’s not clear) but as yours is not the same machine as indicated in this thread, it should have it’s own topic .

Hi Jill. I’ve been looking for an Apilus Junior. Is yours still available? If so, does it come with cords and pedal?

Qiri see the following:


Seana, thanks so much!

Heyy, I do have an Apilus Junior Plus.
Let me know if you’re still inter to buy.

Thanks–I found one a little while back, and it’s been working wonderfully! If the difficulty I had finding one is any indication, I bet you’ll find a buyer for yours very soon. :slight_smile:

Pls let me know how do I post an ad for my products.
Actually I’m new here and unable to locate the post option.

Sarthak I may have someone that might be interested in that Junior who has moved from my home province. In general I get a lot of requests from people looking for machines for DIY purposes and whle I dont need a machine for my practise ( I have 3 already) if I see a functional epilator at a good price I sometimes will pick it up anyway to pass onto someone who needs it when it comes up. I’m starting to now gather a few machines for that purpose if they are reasonably priced.

Could you tell me where you are located, and you asking price so I can see if this would be a good fit for such a purpose?

Thank you for your quick response.
I’m located in New Delhi, India.
My price is 75000 INR.
The price is negotiable though.