Apilus customer service

My 3 year old Apilus platinum pure has malfunctioned. Over a couple of months, I was needing to increase the levels considerably to release hairs. Today it ceased to respond at all. Has anyone here had a similar experience? Do Dectro provide a replacement unit while repairs take place. It is night time there right now so unable to speak to anyone for a few hours. I am concerned about the amount of time it will take to organize repairs from Australia. Help!

I can assure everyone that my experience with this company is great so far. My platinum pure will require a new motherboard which will be here in 3/4 days, so that is a lot less troublesome than sending the whole unit overseas. I just need to find a technician to replace the part for me. This is so much easier than any of the scenarios racing around my head!! Also a lot less costly!

Take it to a computer repair shop Christine. They are familiar with anti-static procedures and should have no problem replacing it.