Anything new?

I was wondering if there was anything new on the horizon for the treatment of hirsutism. For example, the protein that was injected into the sheep to cause its hair to fall out. I know that was a sheep, but this information has been around for years, and it really seems like this could be applied to humans. Also, I’ve read many other articles which give some information about research into the treatment of hirsutism but that is all. Has anyone else come across anything that is remotely interesting?

Systemic drugs for use in humans require incredible amounts of published clinical data before they are allowed. This is even more true when the treatment is for something like unwanted hair that is considered “cosmetic,” rather than life-threatening.

I suspect it will be quite a while before there is a new pill or shot for hirsutism. In the meantime, prescription androgen blockers have a proven track record and generally safe results.