Anyone wanna recomend a laser for me(picture included)

not getting chest done…but thats the idea.

skin pretty light, hair dark and looks pretty coarse. alexandrite would be top choice, diode good too. So GentleLASE, LightSheer, Apogee, etc

all right, thanks!

I don’t know about getting laser, you don’t have much hair. I would do some electrolosis. I had chest hair and like peach fuzz on my flanks and I got everything done and now do I REGRET it. If your gona get laser, just do the small area with the hair is at. I would also check into electrolosis.

It is not clear as to WHY you regret your HR. Was it the process, the results, or what?

I don’t know about getting laser, you don’t have much hair. I would do some electrolosis. I had chest hair and like peach fuzz on my flanks and I got everything done and now do I REGRET it. If your gona get laser, just do the small area with the hair is at. I would also check into electrolosis.

he’s not getting back or upper arms done, which is where some men have reported induced growth. for this type of coarse dark growth on those areas (not back or shoulders), it should be fine at high settings and when treating only the areas with dense coarse hair. you were treated at lower settings on LightSheer on the back and shoulders where you report induced growth (which has been seen before) and most likely on sparse finer hairs, not coarse dark growth. please correct me if I’m wrong.

Well, i left a lot of information out of my post, but to clear it up, i am actually going to do electrolysis. I was just going to do one laser session to thin out the hair so electrolysis would be a little easier. I would be doing the back of my neck and possibly the shoulders. I would also only do it if i got a good deal, since I’m only 19 and don’t have much money I might have a good chance at possibly lowering the price. In all honesty I think LHR is way overpriced, but people keep paying it so oh well. I was just trying to figure out what the most effective laser would be for myself.

Electrolysis might be the best way to go. However, you’ve got to remember that you’ll require a lot more treatments which closer together compared to LHR. In the long run, you could be paying as much for electro that you would have for LHR.

With electro as well laser, it requires persistence. Hair will appear in areas that have been cleared because of the hair growth cycles. You might not see visible results for a ways down the road. Also, being as young as you are and a male, you will more than likely continue to grow new hairs which could give you a great sense that electrolysis isn’t working. But, I wouldn’t let that stop me. Hairs that are treated now, whether by electro or laser, will be gone and the hair WILL be thinner (or less dense) than it would be without any treatments.

Also, keep in mind that laser kills the most coarse hair fastest and electrolysis works faster on finer weaker hair. That’s why it makes sense to start with laser and finish with electrolysis too in terms of cost-efficiency.

You guys always seem to make the impression that it’ll take forever. I understand why, but on a very conservative guess I’d say there are 200 hundred hairs i want to remove. Is it too much to assume I’d kill maybe 20 permanently a each session, thats way less than a third of 200. I don’t think I’d have 20 hairs growing in a week, maybe 3. You guys always paint such a grim opinion on hair removal, which I why I’m always having second thoughts about investing in it.

I’m not saying you should all be like, “Hey yah it’ll be gone in no time!”

Noone is trying to paint anything but the reality. Most people come here and expect for hair to be gone after a month, and it just doesn’t work that way. You asked a question and people took their time to answer it. 200 hairs is not a lot. Think about it this way. If you want to do electrolysis, a good electrologist using the fastest thermolysis method can get 5-6 hairs per minute. Maybe 50% on average will be killed the first time around. Other hairs will need 2-3 zaps maybe. And whatever you see is about 30% of all the hair that’s actually there. The rest is dormant and same applies to it once it comes out. On average, with electrolysis it’ll take you 9-12 months to clear it. Laser will take you at least 5-6 treatments spaced 6-10 weeks apart. And you’ll probably need to finish with electrolysis for another few months. The worst thing you can do is to expect that you will be hairfree in no time. If you’re hesistant, that’s fine. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if it takes less time.

Yeah I have to agree with everyone else, it’s going to take some time. My brother has gotten like 40 or 50 hours of laser work done. If you multiply that by 300, that’s a lot of time and money. Getting rid of hair is an expensive and long process. If you have peach fuzz in any areas, I wouldn’t get that done with Laser. The laser settings I have used are not low. I don’t know if LAgirl thinks those settings are low, but they HURT. The hair use to be peach fuzz, now it has gotten thicker, which is horrible. As the hairs get finner then you can move to higher settings. Girls use different settings than guys, depending on the thickness of the hair and how your skin and hair react to the laser. I am not sure how many Joules you get work done, but for me those are pretty high settings.

18 and 26 joules on LightSheer are on low end. It doesn’t depend on whether someone is male or female, and the treatment is supposed to hurt. you’re killing follicles here. RC2001 is a male on this forum with skin type III or IV and has been treated with LightSheer at various settings, and feels he got the best results at settings of 30 joules and up. He didn’t get burned either. Texasguy, the pain is not proportionately worse the higher you go on settings. I went from 14 to 30 joules on GentleLASE, and there is a difference, but not that huge.

Thanks for the info LAgirl. I just really don’t want to get burnt. I have gotten this work done for sometime at these settings. I do get some hyperpigmentation, so that’s why I don’t want to push it. I know it’s suppose to hurt, but I can really see the hair explode at those settings. I guess I will try to get the settings raised and see the difference. I had a nurse who was working on me for the first time. She asked me what setting she should set it to. I told her to set it 4 Joules higher than what I usually get it. I did notice that there was a difference on the side she did and the side the doctor did. You are right about setting the laser to higher joules, because I have noticed a difference. I guess getting low settings done will not be effective. Thanks for the info, I will try higher settings, like 30.

I would suggest they do a few test spots and see how those small areas react. Of course, you don’t want to get burned and should avoid that at all costs. That’s why test spots should help. If you feel that you can’t go past 30 joules (it also matters whether it’s short pulse or long pulse, short pulse is more effective, so lower joules can be used with that), you might want to try a Yag laser and see how that works since you will be able to use higher settings on it, it’s meant for darker skin, types IV and darker.