anyone used palomar estelux pulsed light laser?

I am thinking about getting my legs and bikini done with a pulsed laser.

I had my underarms done with the gentlease, but unfortunately I only went through 2 treatments…I have less hair, but it is definitely not gone.

If anyone has had any experience with either the palomar estelux or just a pulsed laser, I would love to hear your response about its effectivenss.


Hi: just some background info. The Estelux is not a laser, but IPL, which is Intense Pulsed Light (or incandescant light). It is a bundle of wavelengths that mimic, to some degree, the effect of coherent (ie. laser) light in it’s activity. The downside of IPL is that you must have extremely white skin and dark hair - medium skin tones will have too much of a possibility of hyper or hypo pigmentation. I would stick with regular laser - isn’t there a practitioner in your area with a Gentlelase? Hope this helps - ciao :wink:

I have light skin (with beige tones) and dark hair. I had one treatment with the Estelux two days ago. Have I wasted my money, Hairfetish? Do you (or anyone) think I will get better results with a laser?