Anyone used KALO?

Has anyone used “KALO” (a spray which is suppose to reduce the appearance of hair)? It obviously didn’t work for me so I asked them for a refund since they claimed that they guaranteed that it will work or your money back.

That spray is so bad that it gave me a rash.
I sent the product back along with receipt (like they told me to) in order to receive a refund. Its been months since I sent the product back, and they don’t answer my emails.
And no refund has been issued.

I regret buying from them, I wish I had found this forum earlier… I’d like to know if there’s anyone out there who has bought from a product called KALO.

I’d really like to know what to do next, I’m in Australia and the company which sells the product is located in New Jersey USA. Is there some kind of government department in the US that deals with companies that rip people off?

If anyone is planning to buy KALO, you’re wasting your money buying hope in a bottle.

I wouldn’t count on that refund. That’s how companies like Kalo work. Once they have your money, that’s pretty much it. That goes double to anyone ordering in another country.


Sounds like you bought from a unreputable distributor.

I bought Kalo from another distributor and tried it out for a month and then sent it back for a refund, which I got without any problems.

Kalo did make my facial hair softer and easier to shave off. I also contacted the manufacturer via their bulletin board for advice and they were helpful. Ultimately, I wasn’t willing to use it long term to determine the effect.

Try contacting the manufacturer and reporting the problem you are having with