Anyone use Philips Satin Ice?

I’ve been using a Philips satin ice. I tried it on the tops of my thighs and my underarms and it works great. However, I tried it in some more sensitive areas and many times it would grab, tug, but leave the hair there! I don’t think it would have been that painful if it had actually removed the hair, but it would tug…it would take lots of quick passes to get all the hairs out. I use quick passes because going slow is just unbearable in certain areas. But I have let it sit on a stray hair and it basically keeps tugging on it (ow!) until I get the exact right angle and then it finally pulls it out without pain. Has anyone had similar problems with other models?

I was wondering about the satin ice. There was one by Norelco, too, that I was curious about. They don’t have reviews on yet.

I haven’t had problems like that with the Silk-Epil Eversoft, but one thing I’ve noticed is that I still have some hairs that break off instead of getting ripped out. Usually just the fine ones.