Anyone try the tea tree oil creme?

The other day I was browsing around the store and came across tea tree oil & Antiseptic creme by derma e. It was about ten dollars and I figured I would buy it and try it on my skin. I’ve used it the past couple of days and like the effects it has on my skin. Being that the area that I’m having electrolysis on is dry, I’ve been trying to use different moisturizers on the area once everything is healed up, but my skin always seems to be left with a sticky, oily feeling. I don’t get that so much with this creme and it has helped with the dryness and maybe a bit with the hyperpigmentation? It is hard to tell. Has anyone else used any lotions or cremes with tea tree oil in it?

Hey, I usually just put tea tree oil in some organic lotion myself. So I get the moisture and the antibacterial benefits. Of course drinking more water will do more in the long run. J

I’ve used them in the past because I also noticed that tea tree oil cream was much more tolerable for my skin than the oil itself.

Then I just started adding a few drops of tea tree oil to my favorite cream like templje. It worked just fine too.

Eventually stopped because my husband always complains about the smell. Now use pure aloe vera gel and calendula with zinc from Weleda. ( They sell that for diaper rash :blush: but it works great for just about anything else!)

By the way - have you had treatment with gold needles yet? They are so good to the skin.