Anyone Try the Phillips Lumea IPL at-home machine?

I read countless reviews on Amazon and other places that this thing works like a charm for folks. It cost nearly $600- $800 (USD) depending on where you purchase. Anyone used this with luck?

I don’t have personal experience with this particular item, but have seen many clients who have tried such gadgets and end up seeking electrolysis treatments in the end.

They are illegal and may be dangerous. They are not FDA approved for home use. There is NO FDA approval for home use for ANY medical device that does not simply deliver medicine, like a bipap, or IV pump administered by a nurse under the direction of a physician. In any case, state law may prohibit use of lasers in your state to a specific group of people. You should stay away from these scams- even if they work on some people.

Yes, Mickey is right.

The original poster listed their website, THE HIRSUTISM HUB, in their signature, so it is obvious that they are on a mission to sell some products.

Here is a must read from this website : Facials with Sperm, Bee Poison and Snails?! And Pee to Cure Acne?!

For your information dfahey, I sell nothing. I simply blog about my struggle with hirsutism. Plenty of people have their business/links/whatnot in their signature so what are you talking about???

The home use devices like Lumea offer lower power options than professional devices and can result in temporary hair loss for some skin tone/hair color combinations. This is acceptable for some consumers, but most seek permanent options. Lumea to my knowledge is not currently available in the US.

Mo is allowed to have her website in her signature, and like everyone should join in conversations vs. just posting promotional links. Let’s all be nicer and more welcoming!

This is actually my first post as I joined the site to try and get some better informed opinions.
I appreciate this appears to be an older thread regarding this Philips Lumea product line, but seeing as it is so old perhaps there are some newer items in the Philips line-up.
My background is that I have been wet shaving genitals for about 10 years or so now (I’m male by the way) and am interested in the possibility of laser treatment, possibly home use. I have seen these Philips products appearing to have good reviews and I wondered if there is more knowledge now from yourselves.
Skin type or hair colour if this is relevant? I would say I have fair skin and I’m a dark blonde, pubic hair is obviously darker than on my head!
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Any advice on this would be appreciated

It doesn’t work. Thats the best advice i can give you.

Is that it doesn’t work at all so when you use it the hair doesn’t even fall out or do you mean it doesn’t work as in it’s not permanent?
Therefore you would have to continue using it every couple of weeks?
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