Anyone tried the Lyra laser?!!

Hi, I just had my first treatment with the lyra laser last week on my entire leg, and so far I don’t notice any shedding. I had lser treatment done 2 years ago using the diode and i noticed right away the burnt hairs… also noticed a lot of scabbing and sweeling which really sucked. Anyways, I did some research and found out that the Lyra is best for olive skinned people (me) with dark hairs. My only concern is the shedding process. I even tried to tweeze some of the hairs to see if they would come out easily but they didn’t, there was still a pull there indicating that maybe the hair wasn’t possibly zapped?? I’m not sure what to think…should I wait longer or was the treatment ineffective? :roll_eyes:

There’s a study that involves the Lyra laser and Lightsheer diode laser, I’ll see if I can pull it out.

AFAIK, both lasers averaged the same amount of reduction in skin types IV and V though individual cases showed preference for one laser or the other.