Anyone tried DR. BABAPOUR or AestetiCURE in Los Angeles?? GentleLase


I found 2 places in LA that use the GentleLase laser and am trying to choose the best person to go to. Has anyone had any experience with either of these offices?

Dr. Babapour is in Beverly Hills, uses the GentleLase laser and does the treatments himself. I was told he has had his practice here for 2 years and has been a dermatologist for 7.

AestetiCURE uses the Gentlelase Plus laser (they switched from the LightSheer laser). RN’s perform the procedure and they give a 5 year guarantee (50% off for touch-ups for up to 5 years after the initial 5-6 treatments). I have read a few posts about them, but can’t really tell if they are from real consumers or not.

PLEASE ADVISE if you have had experience with either! I have very light skin and dark hair, probably a II on the scale. This is for bikini and stomach area.


I have used Aestheticure in Beverly Hills. I have had 4 treatments on the beard sept-dec 2004. I have had about 65-70 percent reduction and the highest setting used was 12 using the Candella Gentlelase plus. Shaving is a pleasure now. As far as the company, very nice staff and friendly nurses. Probably the only downfall is they are super busy and sometimes getting an appointment when you want is a little tough. But they moved into a larger office a month ago and things will probably get better… overall - recommend!

“I have very light skin and dark hair, probably a II on the scale. This is for bikini and stomach area.”
If your skin is very light you are probably type I. If you burn easy in the sun, tell the tech and they should use 10j with 18mm spot size for first treatment, and go up if you respond well.

Here’s an update. I have had 2 treatments so far on my bikini and 1 on my stomach and underarms with the doctor in Beverly Hills who uses GentleLASE. The results are good so far. Bikini has had about 80% of hair gone and underarms are still shedding (it’s been 2 weeks after last treatment) and so far look to be about 70% gone. Very happy with both. The stomach area strips is shedding the slowest. There are black hair dots still visible where the hair has not shed. Any suggestions on how to speed this up btw?

Oh, I believe the doctor is using 14J. Should this be increased with the following visits to be effective?