Anyone tried at home laser hair removers?

Just wondering if anyone has tried the at home laser home removal machines? I saw some being sold around $1000. Do they work? Are they safe?

what machine ? link ?

It a diode laser hair remover, home version. i can’t remember the wedsite, I would have to look it up again. but it came with the gel and the glasses and everything.

Most likely you saw the scam by Global Electrolysis Supply or one of its other front companies.

Home use lasers should be avoided by consumers. Many are simply laser pointers or other non-medical laser made to look like medical equipment.

What is your definition of “good results?” By what criteria? Consumers need to know that for safety reasons, light-based home hair removal devices are intentionally under-powered and therefore incapable of permanent hair removal.

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If the light-based device is not powerful enough (Watts) to give follicles inflammation in order to destroy it, u can end up with more hair that is irreversible by any laser/IPL devices.

We’ll (as I’m one of electrolysis therapists) have more electrolysis clients

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I just deleted a couple of comments by a linkspammer and deleted the account laserandy [laseripl dot net]. Let me know if they pop up here again.