Anyone on Twitter (or Youtube)?

Are any laser hair removal clinics on Twitter where one can follow them (assuming most of the posts are related to hair removal)?

Anyone have Youtube videos?


I hate Youtube lol I always get into fights on the comments on there, people are so stupid! Always asking if it works and what not, and then I’ll write you need to have light skin and dark hair for the best treatments and then people are all like “oh yeah that makes sense, no one would do laser if it couldn’t remove blonde hair so you don’t know what you’re talking about” which drives me nuts! Or the ones where people go on and on about how they had IPL and how it’s so much better than laser etc etc. I have to just close it all the time, makes me angry lol.

What’s the matter with you edokid? Stop making sense!

After all, the government would not let people pay good oney for things that don’t work, would they? I mean the Pet Rock was really a pet, and well worth the $20 after all.

I like youtube, but I would NEVER ever comment on a video or engage any of the commenters.

That would be a sure fire way to lose the little faith I have left in humanity and I might officially become a hermit who shuns all communications with other humans. Or perhaps I would just snap and become one of those crazy violent people who show up on the six o’clock news attempting to blow up well-populated areas.

The youtube comments sections is a scary, uncharted terrain. It messes with your mind, and eats through your soul. Only fools dare tread there!